Tired of marketing silos and not knowing how much money to spend on digital, social, PR, or traditional marketing efforts? Worse yet, tired of having marketing partners fight over what you should be doing?

So were we. We were convinced there was a better way, a way that's focused on the consumer and their journey with your brand and valued post-purchase customer satisfaction. We also wanted to eliminate the silos and choose media and creative based on a tactical plan, not based on what made us the most money or who had the best sales guy. 

The Harmonic Cycle is the foundation to fix those problems. Instead of focusing on one media at a time we focus on each stage of the cycle and determine what media and creative executions will be most efficient to achieve that stage’s goals. These stages are developed around the natural journey consumers take with your brand. We also realized this journey doesn't end when they purchase your product, like most sales funnels of the past have. Instead, some of the most valuable marketing can be done post-purchase to create satisfied evangelists of your brand.

To develop the customer plan for your brand we follow a four-step process: researching, goal setting, brainstorming and developing a customized plan. It starts with extensive research to understand what this journey looks like for your current customers and how to improve it. After we know what the consumers truly want and are doing, we set goals for each stage. The next step after that is to brainstorm both creative and media tactics for your brand at each stage. We choose the brainstorm participants based on industry knowledge, creative capabilities and media knowledge. The final step is to take the ideas from these brainstorms and develop out the final plan that will show you exactly what your media budget should be for each stage, what vehicles it should be spent on and creative plans for how to execute it, along with measurable goals and objectives. 

This means instead of developing plans for digital, TV, social, etc., we develop plans to get people to notice, desire, invest, satisfy and evangelize your brand. Not only does it take the guesswork out of media and creative selection, it helps you see exactly what is working. Each stage can be optimized on its own to achieve better results. 

The Harmonic Cycle plan cuts waste, increases results and most of all allows you to take control of your marketing program and know exactly how it is performing, based on the specific objective. 


The team at 47Harmonic has decades of experience developing and implementing almost every type of advertising creative or media programs you can think of for brands both large and small.  We have years of experience in TV, print, digital, social and just about any media type you can think of (we even used some sign spinners once). After observing numerous methods, we realized that no matter who did the marketing or what strategy they used the marketing channels were not working together like they should be.  

This lack of harmony goes for both the large brands and small brands we have worked with. We actually discovered that often the larger the brand was, the less integrated their marketing approach. The problem was that most large companies structure their marketing departments based on media types, not consumer needs. We aim to fix this gap for large and small companies alike. 

Think what your brand can accomplish when you have a team of experienced marketers with expertise in the old media—like print and direct mail—along with extensive experience developing social media programs for some of the largest companies in the world. A team that is not worried about what media makes the agency the most money, or confined to just one media type, but instead is driven by developing programs that get results.


47Harmonic is a different sort of ad agency. We develop tactics, plan creative and develop execution plans, but we leave the execution to the experts. It's been our experience that full-service agencies do a lot of things just ok and specialized agencies that do paid search, media buys, design, etc. are great at what they do but often don't work well with others and can be a pain to manage. 

With 47Harmonic you get the best of both worlds. You get experienced integrated marketers at 47Harmonic to develop the integrated plan and manage the execution, and we bring in well-respected channel experts we have worked with in the past to implement the specific plans for each channel. Best of all, you don't pay more for this extra level of service. Because of our long-term relationships with these partners, we get discounts that are passed on to our clients. 

With 47Harmonic you not only get world-class integrated planning, but you get to work with leaders in each given field. We don't believe in fake it ‘til you make it, we value your goals too much for that. 



Kevin Urie is the Founder and President of 47Harmonic. During the past 14 years of marketing he has worked with virtually every type of media. Whether using direct mail, traditional, digital or social marketing one thing has always driven Kevin: the feeling that there must be a better way to market. 

That is why through the years Kevin has always been eager to learn and implement new technologies. Back in 1999, he was implementing SEO and online PR strategies for a local startup while still in college. After college he started to work with one of the oldest media available, working for The Domain Group doing multi-level direct mail programs for As much as Kevin enjoyed supporting the great work of CARE, he changed directions again and followed his original dream of focusing on TV and radio advertising. During this time he managed countless clients and programs all across North America. He even won a radio creative award while filling the Creative Director role on a project as the agency was between CDs at the time. 

Kevin’s love for new technology and analytical measurement led him back into digital, and so he started a digital agency group at the marketing agency where he was currently employed. This group quickly grew and ran many SEO, PPC and display programs, as well as developed numerous websites and online campaigns for their clients. 

Around the end of 2006, Kevin got fed up with marketing as usual and yelling at clients to buy things. At this same time he discovered the Cluetrain Manifesto and social media. Kevin saw the immense potential on focusing on consumers and interacting with them to create advocates, better products and a changed marketplace. So in 2008, he started Social Media Club Seattle in an effort to further gain knowledge in the social media space and set Seattle on the map as a leader in social media. 

That is exactly what he did. Not only did Social Media Club (SMC) Seattle grow to be the largest marketing group in Seattle with 200-300 people attending events each month, but it also became the largest Social Media Club in the world with more attendees per month and greater social influence than any other group. This attracted world-class speakers that flew in from all over the North America to speak at the events.

Toward the end of his term leading SMC Seattle, Kevin decided to partner with Clay McDaniel and join his agency, Spring Creek Group. Shortly after Kevin joined, the agency was bought by Interpublic Group's Mediabrands division. Here Kevin developed social media programs and campaigns for some of the biggest brands around, and even helped one of them become the number one trending topic on Twitter for the food category in 2012. 

Over the years Kevin has learned many things, but the one thing that drives him is the awareness that nothing works well on its own. He developed 47Harmonic to fix this. His mission is to change marketing and to get brands to think about their customers and not whether they should be doing TV, digital, social or print programs.