The team at 47Harmonic has worked with all sorts of marketing types: digital, broadcast, print, direct mail, outdoor, social and more. The key is how we pull all this experience together.

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After years of using almost every possible media and creative tactic available, we got tired of these tactics not working together and were determined to find a better way. 

That is what we have done with the Harmonic Marketing Cycle and 47Harmonic. Instead of focusing on pushing messages and specific media tactics, we study and understand what consumers need and then lead them down the path to your product.  

This integrated consumer-centric approach leads to more effective marketing spend, better accountability, clearer tracking, and most of all a great ROI on your marketing spend.

So stop worrying about how much money you should spend on social, digital, traditional or PR, and what your strategy should be for each. Instead let 47Harmonic lead you through the Harmonic Cycle and answer those questions for you.