What is Change It?

So..... for the few people if any that actually manage to find this blog, I congratulate you. You truly are an Internet Superstar!

Since you took the time to find it I thought I would explain the purpose of this site.

1) I am hoping by posting on this blog on a regular basis it will help me improve my less than remarkable writing skills.

2) I am very opinionated and at certain times need to express my ideas. Hopefully by posting those thoughts here, I will be less prone to go off on my co-workers and friends.

3) Life is all about change.  What works today may not work tomorrow.  I want this to be a free open forum to express ideas on marketing. Tell me I am smoking crack, or that I have a 3 grade writing idiot, just no matter what you do, tell me the what you are thinking!

This should be a fun ride. I look forward to sharing it with you!