What has the Internet done to us?

Funny thing is that I put this blog together to get things off my chest, and now I have nothing to write about. Being down on the Oregon Coast in May gives me a lot of time, so I thought I would give it a shot anyway. Just start typing and see what happens, come up with a title later. Marketing as we see it now and in the past is pushed to consumers. We try to tell people what they want and what they need. We tell them they should live healthy, be happy, and everyone should love them, and our products are going to help them do that. Our soda will make you happy and cool, our cars will make people love you and happy, basically almost all of what we try to sell appeals to those three emotions.

In today's internet age people no longer are looking for companies to tell them what they should be doing. They are more into self discovery and individualism. People are do not trust anyone in this age unless they found it to be "true" for themselves. Everything must be researched, reviewed, and tested.

We no longer want to be told what will make us healthy, happy, or will bring us love, instead we want to discover this on our own.

How do we as marketers change our strategy to take advantage of this??????

TBC ....