Good To Be Back!

Since it has almost been two months since my last post, I thought I should give you an update on what is going on. Well one of the main reasons I have not made time to post is because I have been busy.  At Destination Marketing I work as both an Account Director(AD) and I lead up our newly formed Destination Digital online division.  (Title for that is TBD, should have one in the next few weeks.)

At any rate as a AD I lead 6 accounts and we are currently going through our strategic planning stages for next year.  This is the best part of my job as an AD, laying the vision and strategy is a big passion of mine.

If that has not been keeping me busy enough, I have also been swamped with online business.  We started with no clients around 5 months ago and now we have 4.  Everyone seems excited to try anything out during this downturn, and we are seeing great results for our clients online.

Right now we are working on 3 websites, 2 display campaigns, 5 PPC campaigns, and are deploying some new SEO strategies.  Yesterday for the first time ever, I saw one of our display ads on big time websites. and  Can't tell you how gratifying that was.  It was like seeing or hearing the first TV or Radio commercial I was a part of 7 years ago.   The only difference is that I don't need to wait to see if the ad works!

We still have lots to learn, and many new strategies to deploy, but things are going well and we are adding new employees to the department.   Trust, me if you have not gotten into online advertising, start now!