5 reasons a traditional advertiser needs to get online experience

I finished yesterday's post by saying that if you have not gotten into online advertising, start now.  This statement was directed at the traditional advertiser, you must keep up with the times or you will be passed by.

In an effort to follow that up, below are 5 reasons a traditional advertiser needs to get online experience.

1.Have you looked at the job boards for advertising positions lately?  Almost all of them are for people with online experience. How comfortable do you feel with your job?

2.You can apply what you learn online to traditional media.  You can fine tune creative online, and then apply what you have learned to traditional media.

3.You can get focus group type information online without paying for a focus group. Monitor your consumers, potential consumers and competition, with tools such as Google Alerts, Technorati, and Twitter Search.

4.Your website has become the 2nd point of contact.  Think of it as your most important store.  How much attention would you give a store that does over 60% of your traffic?

5.You can track it.  You can show your clients or boss that it is working.  How important is that during this down economy?

Of course I could go on with a longer list, but why don't you do that in the comments.