Share Social Networks on Thanksgiving!

Ever feel like being part of Twitter, having a blog, and taking part in other social networks, is something you want to share? Thought for Thanksgiving, I'd give tips on how to get friends, co-workers, etc. to use RSS, Twitter, and Blogs.  We are going to spend time with family and need something to talk about, why not let them in on a how amazing social networks are?

Below are a few ideas on how to get friends, family, and co-workers to start taking part in online conversations.  At some point someone got you started on it, now it's time to share the favor with someone else.

RSS - 1.Show them your RSS reader and how quickly it transformed how you get information from the web. 2.Show them this video by Common Craft if they still don't get it. 3.Setup an RSS reader for them with feeds you think they might like 4.If they like to read books, talk to them about how blogs have turned you onto some good books, and how blogs have added to your reading.

Twitter - 1.When you forward articles you found on Twitter, tell them that. 2.Tell them how your Twitter contacts answered a question you had. 3.Have them look over your shoulder when you use Twitter, to see the type of conversations you have.  They'll be shocked, it's not all about people posting about brushing their teeth. 4.If you have enough followers, ask your followers to say hello to the friend who is interested in Twitter.

Blog - 1.If they already like to write, encourage them to simply put it online. 2.If they think they can't write, have them read my blog.  I can't, but I am hoping by writing more on my blog it will improve. 3.I have friends who write long white paper type emails. These type of emails translate easy into blog post.  Help them convert some of them.

Networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn should be easy to get them on and is a great place to start


1.If they are not on Facebook by now, they probably think it is just for friends.  Show them how you use it to connect for business. 2.Show them lost friends you found on Facebook, and what that led to. 3.Some simply will not get Facebook, so move on to LinkedIn

LinkedIn- 1.Show them your connections, and ask them to name a business.  Then explain how you are connected to it. 2.If they are in sales, so them all the options LinkedIn provides them. 3.Explain how LinkedIn, does not have all the Facebook things they don't like.  Such as videos, personal pics, etc. 4.If they are looking for a new job, show them how to use it that way.

This list could go on and on, and please add to it in comments if you have any suggestions or stories of success.

I have been working on my friends and co-workers for the last few months, and two of them are starting blogs, three of them have started using RSS readers, and I think one is about to start Twitter.

It is not the easiest thing to convince others to join the online conversation, but the more people we have taking part, the better the conversations will be.