This is at the core of what we do and is a complete tactical marketing playbook for your company. Ever wondered how much money to put on digital, social, traditional marketing? Want to know how to get your creative working together and focused on your goals? Want to find a more efficient way to market?

Those are the questions this 8 to 12 week program answers. The program starts out with consumer and brand research, as well as goal development for each stage of the cycle. After that we develop tactics based on our research and goals for each stage of the Harmonic Cycle. This holistic approach includes both media and creative tactics with budget recommendations and creative planning.

The results will be your guide to efficient integrated marketing, telling you the most effective media and creative tactics for your company


Need an integrated marketing partner to implement the harmonic plan for you? 47Harmonic's networked approach makes it easy to have experts execute every aspect of your marketing program.

The Harmonic Network includes specialized creative and media companies that have partnered with 47Harmonic to provide integrated services at discounted rates to 47Harmonic clients. Why have one agency try to do everything, when you can have one point of contact working with leading experts to execute your program?

Whether it's social, PPC, SEO, display, website development, TV, radio, print, outdoor, PR or pretty much any other marketing medium, 47Harmonic has an expert in the Harmonic Network to execute it. 

With 47Harmonic you get to work with some of the best and brightest, but at the speed and with the cost benefits of an independent shop.


Just want to test the waters and see what this Harmonic Cycle planning concept is all about? 

For $1,200 a 47Harmonic team member will sit down with your team for a day to address the key marketing problems your company is currently facing. During this time we will provide initial ideas on how to achieve your marketing goals in a holistic way by optimizing spend and eliminating waste.

We can't tackle an entire plan in one day, but we will give you the framework for future integrated success.

We are also available for speaking engagements if you would like us to share with your group or organization the details behind the Harmonic Cycle.  

The Harmonic Cycle is a better way to market and these programs will give you the tools to start implementing it on your own.